Telecom Tower

Guyed Mast Shape

The guyed mast is either triangular or square in plan, built of vertical pipe or angular section and reinforced with welded bracing. The guyed mast is designed to withstand wind loads up to 200 kmph and also depending on the customer requirements, heights ranging from 6 to 100 Mtrs. The mast is simple and is supported and anchored to the ground with steel ropes spaced equally. The number of guy levels can be arranged depending on the height and design. For easy transportation purpose, the guyed mast is made of segments of suitable lengths. We also manufacture the guyed mast as per customer design. Guyed mast is a cost effective solution with light weight.

Steel Latices Electrical Poles

As a continuation of APEX marsh towards keeping its customers satisfied, a new product was added “lattice steel poles”. Lattice pole length from 9 up to 16 meters can be produce, tailored designed for customer purposes. Due to lattice poles high strength it can handle a tremendous cable loads and rather high wind loads, it is ideal for medium power transmission lines. 09 meter long Hot Dip Galvanizing. Hot Dip Galvanizing  sections are manufactured from Steel according to DIN 1098 & DIN 997 and DIN17100 – ST52 Poles are fully hot dip galvanized after fabrication Galvanizing thickness 650g/m2.