Oil Storage Tank

Double and Single Skin, FRP and MS

APEX have been manufacturing underground tanks since 2000 and double skinned tanks since 2002. Our automated equipments ensures tanks are superb in terms of concentrically and straightness and the submerged arc welding in and out ensures quality of welding techniques
and elimination of weld stresses. All tanks fully tested and certified to EN 12285 specification cation and, completion of manufacture, are externally blast cleaned to SA 2.5 followed by a coating of solvent-free GRP coating, Bitumen, Red LED Primer. This coating receives a 100% pin-hole test on completion. 

Specification Summary
Capacity Range100 to 100,000 Liters
Tank Diameters1250 mm, 1500 mm, 1900 mm, 2000 mm, 2500 mm, 2743 mm, 3000 mm
Tank LengthIf it can be transported, Apex can built it.
SpecificationBS EN 12285 part 1, API 1104
External CoatingsPolyurethane, Epoxy, Bitumen, RED LED Primer
Internal LigningsEpoxy
TestingPneumatic or Hydraulic
Protecting Your Liquid Assets
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Protecting Your Liquid Assets
1- Construction

By using close tolerance steel plat APEX guarantee maximum concentrically and straightness. Submerged-arc welding inside and out, ensures high quality and maximum weld integrity, resulting in a higher finished product strength. This quality is consistent from one tank to the next. Tanks are designed and manufactured to BS EN 12285 part 1, the accepted standard for the UK, Europe and many countries worldwide.

2- Transportation

Using experienced carries APEX are able to offer reliable and efficient tansport solutions, ensuring your tanks reach you at the right time to suit your installation program.

3- Installation

Installers can plan well ahead of time knowing that the Apex Engineer’s tanks will arrive on time and to the absolute standard and specification required.To those who need recommendations on installation contractors this can be provided on request.

4- Export

The company use logistics experts to ensure that tanks arrive on time, every-time, worldwide. Distance is not a problem.

5- Coating

For a 30 years minimum life expectancy, the materials of construction and manufacturing methods need to be supplemented by high quality surface finish and coating. GRP or bitumen coatings can also be provided to suit national requirements or specific ground conditions and materials of back-fill. All coatings, regardless of material type, are 100% pin hole checked and thickness checked prior to dispatch.

6- Features
  • Multi-compartment
    To offer flexibility of use, tanks can be built to provide multi-fuel usage.
  • Ancillary Items
    It is possible for a comprehensive range of ancillary items to accompany your tanks. Internally Apex Engineers can provide suction pipes and fill pipes, complete with overfill prevention values. Externally, Apex Engineers can supply man-way access chambers (GRP) complete with cor-belled top, ground covers, dipsticks and holding down straps, which can all be delivered with the tanks. In the case of the holding down straps these can be delivered prior to the tanks if required.
  • Leak detection
    Apex also provide the solution of leak detection in the form of a pressure system. This system, known as the DL-4000, holds the interstitial space under a small pressure during operation. Both the pressure and the liquid system are simple in operation and totally effective.